PHYSIOTHERM  - a customer's experience

Towards the end of a long, cold winter, many people are still trying to throw off coughs & colds. Others feel a bit under the weather and wonder when their energy will return. The Austrians know a thing or two about health and well-being and one of their secret weapons is Physiotherm, now available at Clunique, a holistic health & beauty centre in Clun. After enjoying three sessions of Physiotherm myself, I can vouch for its beneficial effect and will certainly be back when I feel the need.

Imagine a tall, natural wood cabinet, with a stylish smoked glass door and plenty of room for two people. Step inside, close the door, sit down on the wooden seat and then feel, as the warmth of Physiotherm gets to work. Rest your back against one of the four heated panels and as the temperature in the cabinet gently rises, the warmth penetrates deep into the body. This increases the flow of blood and brings about a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation.  

Sitting at a computer for too long had left me with a stiff neck and pain in my shoulders. I wondered if Physiotherm would help and was delighted to find that it did - allowing free movement once again and no more discomfort.  Because the heated panels in the Physiotherm cabinet are not hot to the touch, it’s possible to hold the troublesome body part right up against it, to get the full effect for as long as you want. I was able to press my face against the heat source and encourage my poor old neck muscles to untangle in the delicious warmth. Panels either side of the door allow the lower legs and feet to get their own direct heat treatment and it’s impossible to burn yourself, as no ultra violet is produced.  

Working together with the heat, Physiotherm also offers full spectrum sunlight therapy and colour therapy during the 45 minute session. To begin, I was given a ten -minute burst of simulated sunlight from two light tubes in the top of the cabinet. This has a very positive effect on the body’s immune system and can help those affected by the ‘winter blues’. Next I was given time to experience pure yellow light and a soft green light, followed by blue light and then shorter periods of indigo and violet. Red and orange are also part of the colour therapy experience for those who need cheering up or mental stimulation. For me the gentle shades of green and blue proved very calming, particularly combined with the all – enveloping warmth. It’s important to drink enough water when you are in the cabinet and afterwards to rest on a warm, contoured couch, drinking herb tea.  

If all this sounds a bit alien, remember in many European countries, such experiences are part of everyday life. No one there thinks it’s strange to sit in a heated wooden box with the colours of the spectrum shining down on them while they listen to soothing music, wrapped only in a towelling sarong. Give Physiotherm a try and you’ll see for yourself how good it makes you feel.

Julia Parker